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Cruising Guide to Cuba

Volume 1

Varadero to Trinidad 

by Capt. Cheryl Barr

Our website, CruisinginCuba.com provides cruisers with useful, up-to-date information on current cruising conditions in and around Cuba.

Your hosts, The Barr family have sailed to Cuba every winter for the past seventeen years and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about cruising and touring this fascinating Caribbean island. 

In 2012, the United States' Dept. of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) introduced the "People to People" educational exchange general license which allows U.S. tour operators to take groups of American travellers to Cuba. In 2013, the number of licenses increased to over 400 and now any American University can get a license and all alumni can travel on that license. By 2014, American tourists were travelling in all parts of Cuba--including the remote coastal ports and famous diving locations on the south coast--Jardin de la Reina (Queens Garden).

In the past, U.S. Coast Guard cutters vigilantly patrolled 12 miles off the Cuban Coast. These patrols hailed all vessels regardless of flag nationality of crew and were questioned as to where they were heading, passport details and, in some cases, vessels were boarded. Since 2011 there have been no USCG patrols off the Cuban coast. At one time, U.S. vessels that were docked in a Cuban marina would be situated in a less visible location so that no one could photograph them. Today, U.S. flagged yachts tie among the other vessels and have no special dockside treatment. American passports are still not stamped upon entry.

With continued easing of U.S. travel restrictions for *Americans  going to Cuba, we are increasingly optimistic that restrictions placed on U.S. boaters going there will also be lifted--maybe this year?

Our research for Volume 2 of "Cruising Guide to Cuba" was completed in 2014. We are in the process of writing and preparing chart insets. A distribution time is anticipated for the winter of 2014/15. Volume 2 will provide detailed cruising information for the eastern regions of Cuba (Trinidad to Varadero via Santiago).

Please stay tuned as we develop this site with more Cuba cruising tips, stories, news and reports. We also encourage any readers, who have recently been to Cuba, to e-mail us links to their blogs or send in cruising information that they would like to share with other potential Cuba Cruisers.

*Travel restrictions do not apply to all American citizens equally. Cuban-Americans are free to travel to Cuba at any time. Commercial ships are not permitted, yet, some go there legally.

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